About Us

The Finnish Business Council in Singapore (FBC) was established in November 1985 to promote trade between Finland, Singapore and other South East Asian countries. By providing a meeting forum and organizing business and social events it aims to encourage interaction between members of the Finnish and Singaporean business community as well as to keep the members up-to-date with regional and global issues.

FBC has its own annual magazine, FinnLink, which is distributed to all FBC members, Finnish households in Singapore, other Nordic Business Association members, Chambers of Commerce in Finland, Finpro Asia offices, selected Singaporean companies with links to Finland and many more.

During its existence, FBC has enjoyed excellent support and cooperation from Embassy of Finland and Finpro. This is highly appreciated.

Chairman’s Message

The Finnish Business Council’s principal mission is to promote trade between Finland and the various countries of South East Asia. Due to its strategic location, Singapore is very often selected as the home base for the regional operations of Finnish companies, while trade is the natural starting point for any commercial activities between Finnish companies and their regional counterparts.

Today, the Finnish Business Council’s role is very much to provide a meeting forum for the representatives of Finnish companies to exchange views and share experiences. The aim is to strengthen our understanding of local and regional markets and the people who work in them. The Council provides a forum for social activities, too. A typical example of this is the Finnish National Day Golf Tournament, which has become an annual feature of the social calendar.

In addition to developing close ties with other European companies operating here, we also frequently share information with other local chambers of commerce such as the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce and the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We would like to continue and develop our activities in a manner that supports you and your company’s targets. Your feedback is most welcome.

FBC Singapore Chairman

Janne Lautanala