Board Members

The Annual General Meeting of FBC will be held every year in June to elect five Board Members and four to six Alternate Board Members from duly appointed representatives of Corporate and Individual Members according to the FBC Rules. The Board, assisted by the FBC Secretariat, is responsible for managing the activities of FBC.

FBC Board Members for 2017:

Mr. Arttu Salmenhaara, Chairman, R.A.W. Inside Out

Ms. Anna Himmanen, Deputy Chairman, Ixonos

Ms. Kirsi Heikilä-Zenone, Treasurer, AaltoEE

Mr. Waltter Kulvik, Secretary, Individual Member

Ms. Riikka Loisamo, Member, Individual Member

Ms. Anna Ratala, Alternate Member, Pinecone A.R.

Mr. Juha Hautala, Alternate Member, KONE

Ms. Tanja Blomqvist, Alternate Member, Wartsila