Exploring Singapore – Tips from FBC Board Member Sebastian Nummelin

Traveling in Singapore when we can’t go elsewhere – Yes of course! Even though Singapore is a fairly small place there are still many hidden gems in terms of food, heritage, architecture and nature. 

Did you know you can still find wild crocodiles out in Sungei Buloh reservoir? It’s a nice jungly-trail worth visiting if you’re quite not ready for Pulau Ubin or just don’t have as much time to spare. Bring snacks or drinks because only a few vending machines can be found there. 

Missing the Nordic lakes? Try the Bedok Reservoir or Tampines Quarry for evening sunset walk or just a picnic.  The Marina Barrage is also great for a run in the sunset. 

Breweries & Drinks: Little Island brewery in by Changi beach has nice indoor and outdoor seating with their own brewed beers, great grilled food too. If you are looking to make your own booze in Singapore, it’s possible! Book a 3 hours gin class at the BRASS LION DISTILLERY. You get to bring back your own blend of 400 ml 40% gin. Well worth the 200 SGD. Want to drink outside? Head to “The Other Roof” for some interesting tea infused cocktails served on a cool rooftop.

Newer HDB’s are often built with rooftop gardens open for anyone. There are many new blocks built in Punggol Northshore with great views over Malaysia to get a glimpse of another country while we still are stuck here…The view is also great in Chinatown from the roof of Chinatown Complex market and food center. 

For a short weekend history lesson, head to Fort Canning and book a tour in the Battle Box. See the second world war bunker and where the Singapore surrender treaty with Japan was signed. Don’t miss the Fort Canning Tree Tunnel when in the park. 

Food: Two chefs eating-place has fantastic Chinese food. Wildfire burgers are hard to beat, Bedok marketplace has a lot of upscale hawker dining spots, EnoQ pratas in the far west does NOT get any crispier and better. 

Hopefully the above will help you spend your (hopefully last) summer vacation on this Lion Island. 

Sebastian Nummelin / FBC Board Member