Probiotics and the human immune response

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Date(s) - 17/06/2020
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm




How can one microorganism help our body fight another, unwanted, microorganism?

During one hour I will discuss how important it is for us to have the right microorganisms in our gastrointestinal tract, and what we can do if we don’t have a beneficial composition of our microbiota.


The following questions will be answered:

What is a microorganism and why are they so important?

How does the human immune system work?

What is the relation between Microorganisms and our immune system?

What is a probiotic bacteria?

How can probiotics be beneficial for human health?


Lotta Johansson BSc
I’m a microbiologist with 35 years experience in the science of probiotics.

I started my career in the dairy industry but for the last 24 years I have been working at BioGaia, I Swedish biotech company.

My professional goal in life is to help people appreciate, cherish and nurture the microbes in their vicinity.

One part of that is creating awareness about how a balanced microbiota is importance for our health.

Another passion of mine is educating people about good bacteria, so called Probiotics, in general and L. reuteri in particular.






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