Our Services

FBC is connecting members and partners to services and information of the Finnish embassy, the rest of Team Finland, business advisors, experts, service providers, Nordic co-operation including Nordic Innovation House connections and other national chambers.

Our services are divided into four main categories:

Knowledge sharing

  • Business advisory. As a FBC member you can get at your own request on free of charge- basis a team of 1-2 experts to share their knowledge and experience with you, which is relevant to your situation. Advisory topics can be for example related to:
    • Singapore business development
    • How to deal with the local authorities
    • Operational issues
    • Industry- specific knowledge (for example maritime, ICT, healthcare etc.)
  • Market entry services. Market entry services are provided by FBC member consultants and other service providers. Typical content:
    • Partner search
    • Setting up a company
    • Legal services
    • Accounting services
    • Recruiting services
    • Digital marketing services
  • “Welcome to Singapore” service
    • Newcomers, individuals and companies alike, need basic services before and upon arrival and want to establish their life and business as fast and smoothly as possible.
    • Applying for visa, work permit, driving license, for example, and looking for a place to stay, put kids to school, open a bank account, get insurance, sign up at a hospital, want to make new friends, etc. are basic needs and wants of newcomers.
    • FBC office provides free mentoring service and act as a guide to smooth entry to Singapore for every new member who wants this service.
  • Thematic events for members and partners
    • FBC own events
    • Events organized by any other chambers in Singapore – co hosted by FBC
  • Member only info services – as a FBC Member you get the chance to access member only services.

Events, Networking & Visibility

  • FBC goes to members. Whenever feasible FBC wants to connect services of any member to the rest of FBC network. For example we organize excursion trips to meet a member, “The Member of the Month” publicity at FBC website etc. Please follow-up FBC home pages and Facebook/LinkedIn on upcoming activities.
  • Thematic events for members by FBC or other network partners. Please Follow-up FBC homepages, Facebook and weekly newsletters to get information on upcoming events.
  • Publications, FBC homepages, Social Media feeds.
  • Social events for members . For example ScandBizBar Please Follow-up FBC homepages and Facebook to get information on upcoming events.

Team Finland Services

FBC can assist you to connect to any relevant Team Finland service in Singapore, in the region or in Finland.

  • Team Finland internationalisation test. https://oma.yrityssuomi.fi/kansainvalistymistestiAre you ready for Singapore? Do have what it takes to succeed? You may carry out a self evaluation test before meeting a FBC representative.
  • Market opportunities in Singapore . Singapore related Team Finland’s reports and identified sales and business opportunities can be found from Team Finland Market Opportunities site.
  • Financing. Funding for internationalisation and business development
  • Visibility. For example using embassy’s premises for company high level meetings
  • Starting a Business in Singapore. Download a handbook.

Advocacy & Lobbying

FBC can assist you to connect to the work of our partner organizations who focus on advocacy work and lobbying on behalf of the foreign business community in Singapore.