Celebrating Finland’s 104th Independence in Singapore

Hi to all Finns and friends of Finland!                                                                            

November is almost over and the end of the year festivities are looming. Some of us may spend the Christmas and New Year in Finland, as the travelling has finally eased a bit. After a long period of restrictions, this feels especially great and with some good luck, there might even snow in Finland!

However, during the Independence Day of Finland, many of us are most likely going to be in Singapore. COVID-19 situation does not yet allow larger gatherings, but it would be nice to do something together for Independence Day.

Therefore, you are welcome to join the Independence Week planned together by the Embassy of Finland, SiSu, FBC and Finnish School. This special week is going to be launched a bit in advance, which is right now! Here is the plan:

1. Finland-spotting: #Suomi104SG (24th of November to 6th of December)

Find and photograph in Singapore as many things you can find that are somehow connected to Finland. These photographed objects can be, for instance, products or places with a link to Finland that you can find in the city. Did you happen to encounter a Finnish-sounding street during your evening walk or a familiar birch tree? Did you find some surprising Finnish delicacies in grocery store or did you happen to walk in a traditional Finnish sauna while visiting friends? The more extraordinary discovery and more closely related to Finland the better! Also, include the information where you found this treasure so your fellow-countrymen can also come and marvel it (and possibly hurry to make some quick purchases before the shelves are empty from the long-awaited treats and presents).

Upload your photos until 6th of December as your own comment chain to the Facebook event of the Finland-spotting and tag it with hashtag #Suomi104SG. Then you will be participating in the great victory of the championship of Finland-spotting! Put all of the photos you have taken within the same comment chain even if you would add them multiple times during the week. Those photos that might not be as obvious to all of the viewers you can also gladly explain in the comments. The participants finding the best discoveries are going to get a reward, and just like the good old Savonians, the best story and explanation will always give you more extra points. If you use Instagram, please add the photos also there using the same hashtag #Suomi104SG so we can collect a nice gallery of photos in honor of the Independence Day festivities. All who participate to Finland-spotting will be included in the lottery of nice Finland themed prizes. The winners are going to be published on the Facebook pages of the Embassy and SiSu group, and additionally, we will be in contact with the winners personally.

Join Finland-spotting.

2. Independence Day Dinner (4th of December to 6th of December)

Create for your family and friends (within the current gathering restrictions, of course) a three-course dinner suitable the Singapore circumstances designed by the Finnish Gastronomic Society. Further instructions are going to be published on a separate Facebook event by 26th of November. Then you will see how a professional chef creates the meal and you will receive some tips from our master chef Pasi Kuronen how to make it in your very own home kitchen. In the ensemble there is also going to be a special Independence Day toast and wine recommendations created by our sommelier from Sentosa, Lauri Vainio, which also will include an alcohol-free option.

Finally, a video greeting from our ambassador, which can be viewed on Facebook from 4th of December, will guide us to the evening dinner table. When the dinner is ready and the beverage in glass, open the video and toast with us for the independent Finland. You can also send your own greetings and a photo of the Independence Day dinner to Instagram by using the hashtag #Suomi104SG or alternatively comment directly to the ambassador’s video. Therefore, we get to experience and celebrate together the special day of our 104-year-old Finland.

Join Independence Day Dinner.


By participating the event, you will give your consent that the organizers can publish the taken photos on social media, and use them in informing and other communications purposes without a separate compensation. The photographer participating the event must have full rights to take the photos and to publish them.