FBC Member Leena Ollitervo blogs “Nokia, you are still around?”

Nokia and 5G

Nokia, you are still around?

This is the question I have been hearing a lot in different occasions around the world.

As an example, I did my EMBA studies here in Singapore couple of years ago and that was a regular debate I had with the different university professors, as for them Nokia had died with the mobile phones.

And no wonder, since the sale of our handsets to Microsoft in 2014, Nokia basically disappeared from the consumer market and focused only on B2B.

During the recent years, we have acquired several of our earlier networks’ competitors, e.g. Alcatel-Lucent in 2016. That deal gave us a leading position in the US markets.

Currently, we are one of the top 3 Infrastructure providers in the world, with a huge benefit of being able to provide the whole e2e portfolio to our customers.

Our CEO Rajeev Suri is getting similar kind of question at the 19th  World Knowledge Forum that was held last October in Seoul.

In the following video he is giving a presentation on the fundaments of 5G, about the 4th Industrial revolution and the economic and social impact of 5G

  • the improvements that 5G will bring in increasing the productivity and efficiency, its impact on health care, automatization, transport, agriculture, manufacturing etc.

5G is so much more than just the next step from 4G – it brings high speed, low latency, connection capability and unparalleled reliability.

Rajeev’s  presentation is about 26mins long, the rest is Q&A including a lot of great examples.

The world’s first 5G networks were rolled out in US and Korea last year. Australia, Japan, Finland and China will soon follow. And many others.

And we as Nokia are very much involved in all of them. Looking forward!


Leena Ollitervo

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