Guest blogger Magnus Ramstad Dahl tells about NordCham Indonesia

Dear Finnish business community in Singapore!

The vast Indonesian market undoubtedly offers tremendous opportunities for Nordic companies.

That said, it is important to remember that this is a challenging market to operate in with a lot of pitfalls and a much higher administrative burden than for instance Singapore,

we therefore strongly recommend companies to be a part of a network of other Nordic companies.

There are currently around 250 companies operating in Indonesia across a wide range of sectors including energy, shipping, maritime, retail, mining, transportation, technology, telecommunications, education, real estate, tourism and services.

We are pleased to inform you that the Nordic business community in Indonesia are now joining forces to form NordCham Indonesia. NordCham is a membership organization for Nordic companies operating in or with an interest in Indonesia as well as Indonesian companies looking to work with Nordic technology and companies.


Market updates

Nordic – Indonesia updates

We work closely with embassies and trade councils to keep members informed about upcoming events such as government delegations from the Nordics, Nordic companies starting operations in Indonesia, or significant news from existing companies.

Indonesia updates – Reformasi Weekly Reformasi Weekly is the best English language newsletter on Indonesia, covering and analysing major political, regulatory,  economic and business events in Indonesia by Indonesia expert Kevin O’Rourke, annual fees apply.
We have done a partnership with Reformasi Weekly whereby all NordCham members gets the newsletter included in the membership.
FBC members can ask for three latest Reformasi Weekly by emailing to Minna Hyväri.
Access to a large Nordic business network

Get access to a large network of nordic MNC’s, entrepreneurs and Indonesians looking to work with nordic companies
You get access through events but also through the contact info database to facilitate cross member networking
Events Working closely with Nordic embassies, trade councils and Nordic companies we will organise exclusive events and discussions helping our members succeed in Indonesia.
We had a breakfast presentation event with Vice President of Research at Gojek Indonesia on “understanding Indonesian consumer behaviour” 29th October
We will also host candid breakfast discussions with Nordic MNC’s discussing the challenges they face and potential solutions.
Knowledge database
We have created a knowledge database with reports, article and other useful information and links to help our members get a deeper understanding of Indonesia.


  • Executive Director, Magnus Ramstad Dahl from NordCham Indonesia will be in Singapore next week to meet with Nordic companies interested in Indonesia.
  • If you’d like to learn more about what is going on in Indonesia or how you could benefit from getting involved with NordCham
  • Simply send an email to to schedule a meeting

NordCham Indonesia

Magnus Ramstad Dahl