Thank you for participating at Nordic Ambassadors’ Luncheon!

Our Nordic Ambassadors’ Luncheon was held on Monday, the 12th of December. Thank you for participating!

The Nordic Ambassadors discussed sustainability and how Nordic countries perform sustainable development leading in the world. HE Ambassadors Anita Nergaard (Norway), Dorte Bech Vizard (Denmark), Niklas Kvarnström (Sweden) and Paula Parviainen (Finland) shared focus areas on sustainability and emphasized for instance, how Nordic countries have managed excellently on environmental sustainability and have moved forward to pay attention to social and economic sustainability. Nordic governments have for a long time as pioneers engaged the sustainable development by regulating sustainable business including conventional manufacturing, but also encouraging new innovations and leveraging the initiative also on the citizen level. What is a future trend – the circular economy is coming like a storm. The panel discussion was moderated by Per Magnusson (Jebsen & Jessen). The base for the discussions and keynotes were UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

It was interesting to hear how Singapore has engaged the sustainable development. NEA Director Chung Dalson shared Singapore programs and Singapore’s efforts to tackle our environmental challenges can contribute to SDGs, especially in: Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), Goal 13 (Climate Action), Goal 14 (Life Below Water).

Four Nordic companies told how their operations perform sustainability in practice and we heard such fascinating real-life business cases. Mr Søren Kvorning (Danfoss) gave an insight on “Energy efficiency is the key to success”. Smart buildings are coming and currently, buildings are responsible for nearly 36% CO2 emissions.

Mr Marko Kärkkäinen (Ductor) shared with us how waste management can be be operated smartly and how Ductor’s biogas production actually means profits on waste management.

Mr Anders Liss told us how Scania performs UN Sustainable Goals and is engaged the greener and emission-free future. Transportation needs new innovations and perspectives to tackle current challenges on pollution, emissions, congestion, energy security.

Last corporate insight was presented by Mr Håkon Bruaset Kjøl (Telenor). Telenor has many solutions to tackle Goal 10 (Inequality) challenges.

We all four Nordic business associations (DABS, FBC, NBAS, SwedCham) warmly thank you all!

The event was enabled by Danfoss, DNB, Nordea and Nöjdhs.

Photo credits: Milla Kantola