About Finnish Business Council

What we promise to our members and partners?

We connect people.
We provide an invaluable forum for members to meet business peers and partners, for networking
and for exchanging views and experiences on doing business in Singapore and the region.
We provide consultancy and support for Finnish businesses in Singapore and Singaporean businesses
seeking business opportunities in Finland. Our will is to help Finnish businesses to get more visibility
and succession in Singapore.

How we enable our promise?
We organize networking events monthly basis excluding summer and Christmas breaks. We find
relevant connections you to meet and receive regional knowledge. Members can get visibility for
their business and ideas through FBC communications via our blog, news flash, Facebook page and
LinkedIn page. We also successfully execute company excursions uncovering the amazing
innovations of large Finnish and also other international corporations operating in Singapore.

We collaborate with Embassy of Finland, Team Finland and other Nordic and European chambers to
reach out larger networking community and more partnership possibilities.

Join our community today!
More information on membership: http://www.fbcsg.org/become-a-member/